A message of Hope
& Recovery

Data Show More Than 23 Million Adults Living in U.S.
Once Had Drug or Alcohol Problems, But No Longer Do.

About Us

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The Hudson Ridge Wellness Center addiction program philosophy and program model utilizes the Twelve (12) Step - Disease Concept model of addictions, which is based on the principles of Alcoholics Anonymous and is abstinence based.

The Wellness Center’s beautiful and bucolic setting provides patients the tranquility and reflection needed as they recover from their addictions.

The program philosophy focuses on the following elements:

  • Disease model and abstinence focus;
  • Flexible goals and lengths and levels of care;
  • Twelve Step Program connections and approaches, daily meetings;
  • Emphasis on the proper balance of medical care, psychosocial and psychological care;
  • Family Involvement – Organized Monthly Weekend Family Programs;
  • Group, individual, didactic, family, and Twelve Step interventions;
  • Minimized, but appropriate use of psycho-active medications;
  • Skills Building Training;
  • Healthy Peer Dynamics and Confrontation;
  • Organized Program Design;
  • Client involvement in all treatment plan development
  • Client involvement in length of stay decisions
  • Addition of strong relaxations components (i.e. acupuncture, massage, yoga, meditations, exercise, etc.)


To improve the lives of all patients by leading a premier treatment facility within a peaceful and naturally tranquil setting.


  • Improve the lives of each patient through treatment
  • Provide cost-effective, quality treatment services
  • To strengthen the efforts of community organizations and schools through prevention education
  • Foster partnerships with other facilities for improved services
  • Promote a productive, educated and well-trained workforce
  • Provide hope for happier, productive lives for every patient and family