A message of Hope
& Recovery

Data Show More Than 23 Million Adults Living in U.S.
Once Had Drug or Alcohol Problems, But No Longer Do.

About Us

Over 5 years ago Hudson Ridge Wellness Center approached the Town of Cortlandt with the concept of re-using the existing Hudson Institute site for a specialty hospital serving those with suffering from addiction to drugs and alcohol.  This project will re-use – and not build – upon the beautiful property and actually preserve open space in the Town.  This campus has always been an institutional use.  The Hudson Ridge Wellness Center’s beautiful and bucolic setting provides patients the tranquility and reflection needed as they recover from their addictions. 

The application is to RE-USE the existing buildings.
We believe the proposed specialty hospital will provide a significant amount of benefits to the town and surrounding communities. 


The Partnership at Drugfree.org is reaching families directly through its transformative campaign, You Are Not Alone, which calls on all those affected by addiction – individuals, families, communities and organizations – to take action and help our loved ones in need. You Are Not Alone comes to life in a collection of visual stories, each one a message dedicated to the families of the 11 million teens or young adults who are struggling with substance abuse.

From The Experts

Every American is acutely aware of the negative impact of drug and alcohol addiction; it’s impossible to ignore. Yet we have somehow missed a very positive story about addiction that is right in front of our nose: Tens of millions of our fellow citizens come out the other side to live substance-free, healthy and productive lives. This study is a wake-up call to the reality of recovery in America, as well as a source of hope for the millions of American families who are currently struggling with drug and alcohol problems.”

— Keith Humphreys, Professor of Psychiatry at Stanford University School of Medicine